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The Lineal Commitment to Safety

     Lineal has operated for over 63 years with an unmatched commitment to the safety of our employees, our customers, and to the residents of the areas where we provide our services. We believe that a healthy, consistently safe work environment is critical to the long term success of our business and stakeholders.


     The best proof of this commitment is the industry standard measurement of on the job accidents.  Our current 3-year TRIR is 0.46 of one per cent, considerably below the industry threshold of 1.00 percent.  We recently completed one full year without any recordables.

The Lineal commitment to safety is an ongoing process that is reinforced throughout our company on a daily basis. We believe in frequent and consistent training processes for all of our employees to continuously achieve safe working environments and exceed both industry standards as well as the expectations of our customers.


By utilizing continuous improvement standards and experienced safety professionals' assessments to measure and advise us in our safety practices, we deliver on our daily commitment to a safe working environment throughout our Lineal Star organization.

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