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Lineal Industries Inc.

350 Presto-Sygan Road

Bridgeville, Pa.  15017

Phone:  412.914.5910

Fax:       412.914.5914

Email:   bids@Linealind.com

Lineal Star Incorporated

123 N. Post Oak Lane Suite 440

Houston, Texas 77024

Phone:  713.337.3707

Fax:       713.586.6678

Email:  bids@LinealStar.com 

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Inquiries for Lineal Career Opportunities

For inquiries about career opportunities at

Lineal Industries, please fill out the form below,

or call 412.914.5910.


For inquiries, about career opportunities at

Lineal Star Inc. please fill out the form below,

or call 713.337.3707.


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