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Bridgeville, Pa.  15017

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Lineal Star Incorporated

123 N. Post Oak Lane Suite 440

Houston, Texas 77024

Phone:  713.337.3707

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Lineal Star Holdings, LLC. 


Lineal Star Holdings LLC, is a Houston based corporation that

acquired 63 year old Lineal Industries, Inc. in July, 2018. 

Lineal Star is led by respected oil & gas veterans experienced in upstream, midstream and downstream services both domestically and

internationally, from Houston to Singapore and Pittsburgh to Kazakhstan.

Lineal Star believes the ongoing expansion of pipelines throughout the USA, in conjunction with rapidly increasing domestic energy production, presents a long term opportunity for the expansion of Lineal Star as an experienced, trusted pipeline infrastructure specialty service company that is well known to the pipeline community. Lineal Star companies can provide mission critical infrastructure services throughout the 2.7 million miles of oil & gas pipelines in the USA.

Additionally, Lineal Star Holdings is developing a technological process utilizing drones, designed to improve field operations reporting, as well as maximize real time inspection and monitoring of systems for our clients. This system will allow us to give “early warnings” of imminent breakdowns to our clients and operators for immediate repairs or service before critical outages can occur. 

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